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It's been a while since I've posted general gaming news on here, but I guess I should start again.

Gives it a semblance of life....

Lock, stock...

If you didn't hear, the announcement's gone out that Deadlands: Reloaded will be out to stores on May 22'nd.

Yes, that's next week.

Yes, it surprised me as well.

Not that it shouldn't have, since I've been hearing it's supposed to come out around now, but I was figuring that the boat carrying the books would've been eaten by a sea rattler or something, by how many times this has been delayed.

Free is the best kind of free.

Malhavoc Press announced today that the Player's Guide for their upcoming setting Ptolus: City by the Spire is going to be offered free via DTRPG.com. I figure we'll be hearing more about this massive, 672-page behemoth when it's released.
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In case you havn't heard, Stiggybaby's is closing. This is, bar none, my favorite online RPG store. I've *never* had problems ordering with them, and they have extremely quick turnaround for shipping...

...but, they're having a clearance sale, so if there's anything you were looking at getting, I'd swing by and take a look.

RPG sale!

I realize that this might not be of interest for some people, but I would like to point out that Fantasy Flight Games is trying to eliminate back stock and has put some of their older books on sale for $5 each. I would also like to note that this includes the Blue Planet RPG v2, which is widely considered one of the finest sci-fi games out there. There are seven books in all, so for $35, the cost of a regular game book, you can have the entire Blue Planet v2 line. That's a pretty slick deal--maybe we should pick it up for the BGGS?

The link to the store is here. Go! Consume!
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Gaming News, 3/22/04 Edition

Been a while since I've done one... might as well anew now.

L5R 3E Designer Diary #4: Advantages and Disadvantages

What it sounds like. In related news, AEG's announced that Spycraft 2.0 will be coming out in July 2005, and will no longer be bearing the d20 logo (sounds like it's finally going OGL).

Exalted Core Free. Again.

DTRPG's got the PDF version up for download for free again, in case you missed it the first time. Watermarked instead of DRM'd as well.

Eden Announces City of Heroes RPG

...Seriously. Don't *quite* see the point of it, since it seems like a Generic Supers Setting™... makes almost as much sense as the CCG that was announced.

I know there's some other stuff I missed... hopefully will think of them.
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